A compendium of Coastal Dune Lakes in Northwest Florida

  • Nichelle M. VanTassel
  • Alexis M. JanosikEmail author


This is a description and review of the coastal dune lakes of Northwest Florida. Coastal dune lakes are globally rare, tannin-stained, and shallow irregularly shaped lakes within 2 miles of the coast. The lakes in Northwest Florida are unique ecosystems among costal dune lakes of the world due to an intermittent connection to the Gulf of Mexico during high tides, rain events, or storm surge. The connection allows for water exchange and a temporary or semi-permanent estuarine environment. Data and management practices for nineteen lakes in Walton County Florida is collected and described. Each lake has a unique shape, size, outflow length, and surroundings. Few data exist on the biological communities of the coastal dune lakes of Northwest Florida. Coastal dune lakes are threatened by anthropogenic impacts such as coastal development, climate change, and exotic/ invasive species.


Coastal dune lakes Lake management Estuarine lakes Outflow 



This study draws on data and communications from a variety of sources. In particular, we thank the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance and Catherine Gross.


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