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Review of Roy Tzohar, A Yogācāra Buddhist Theory of Metaphor

New York: Columbia University Press, 2018, ISBN:978-0-19-066439-8, 279 pp.
  • Jonathan C. GoldEmail author

Roy Tzohar’s Yogācāra Buddhist Theory of Metaphortakes as its central topic the view of metaphor in the work of Sthiramati, a brilliant sixth-century Indian Buddhist philosopher of the Yogācāra school. The goal of the work is to make sense of Sthiramati’s famous and remarkable claim that all language is figurative. Since most of Sthiramati’s work takes the form of commentary on other philosophers’ writings, scholars both traditional and modern have been slow to recognize the significance and innovation in his contributions. Tzohar’s book places Sthiramati’s writings within the Sanskrit Buddhist and non-Buddhist philosophical contexts that allow the reader to understand the issues of his time, place, and tradition, and to understand his characteristic responses and advancements. This contextualization in itself would be enough to make the present work significant and worthy of study. In addition, Tzohar traces the logic in familiar philosophical terms so that readers can judge the...


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