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Review of Knowledge, Belief, and God: New Insights in Religious Epistemology, edited by Matthew Benton, John Hawthorne, and Dani Rabinowitz

Oxford University Press, 2018, ISBN: 9780198798705, 368pp.
  • Hans Van EyghenEmail author

The book Knowledge, Belief, and God is a major output of the research project ‘New Directions in Religious Epistemology,’ led by John Hawthorne at Oxford University. Many of the papers in the volume are drawn from the closing conference in 2015. The project and the book have the aim of helping research on religious epistemology forward by incorporating recent developments in epistemology, such as defeatism, modal accounts of knowledge, Bayesianism, and social epistemology. Below, I assess whether the book is successful in this regard.

Old Wine in New Bottles

A large part of the book discusses topics that are well known to contemporary religious epistemologists. Isaac Choi’s, Hans Halvorson’s, and John Hawthorne and Yoaav Isaacs all discuss the fine-tuning argument. Both Choi’s and Hawthorne and Isaac’s papers present new responses to criticisms of the argument. Halvorson presents a new critique. He argues that if God exists, he could have made the universe friendlier towards life....


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