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The Role of Second Phases on the Creep Behavior of As-Cast and Hot-Extruded Mg-Ca-Zr Alloys

  • S. YouEmail author
  • Y. Huang
  • H. Dieringa
  • E. Maawad
  • W. Gan
  • K. U. Kainer
  • N. Hort
Second-Phase Particles in Magnesium Alloys: Engineering for Properties and Performance


The effect of second phases on the creep behavior of Mg-Ca-Zr alloys was investigated. Casting and hot-extrusion processes were performed to prepare Mg-xCa-0.5Zr (x = 0 wt.%, 0.3 wt.% and 0.6 wt.%) alloys with different morphologies and distributions of second phases. The as-cast microstructures of Mg-Ca-Zr alloys consisted of an Mg matrix and coarse Mg2Ca intermetallic compounds distributed at the grain boundaries. The hot-extruded microstructures exhibited finer Mg2Ca spherical particles and precipitates distributed homogeneously inside the matrix and along the grain boundaries. The results of creep tests suggested that the viscous glide of dislocation and dislocation climb were the dominant creep mechanisms of Mg-Ca-Zr alloys crept at 200°C. The creep property was strongly related to the morphology and distribution of the Mg2Ca phases. The finer and more homogeneously distributed particles showed a better strengthening effect than the coarser intermetallic compounds distributed along the grain boundaries.



The authors are grateful to Mr. G. Meister from MagIC at Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht for technical support. One of the authors (S. You) acknowledges the financial support from the China Scholarship Council (CSC).


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institute of Materials ResearchHelmholtz-Zentrum GeesthachtGeesthachtGermany
  2. 2.German Engineering Materials Centre (GEMS)Helmholtz-Zentrum GeesthachtGeesthachtGermany

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