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Spatial Strain Sensing Using Embedded Fiber Optics

  • Adam HehrEmail author
  • Mark Norfolk
  • John Sheridan
  • Matthew Davis
  • William Leser
  • Patrick Leser
  • John A. Newman
Additive Manufacturing of Composites and Complex Materials


Ultrasonic additive manufacturing, a three-dimensional metal printing technology, uses ultrasonic energy to produce metallurgical bonds between layers of metal foils near room temperature. This low-temperature attribute of the process enables integration of temperature-sensitive components, such as fiber optic strain sensors, directly into metal structures for load and health monitoring applications. In this study, a high-definition fiber optic strain sensor was embedded into an aluminum alloy, 6061-T6, bracket for fatigue testing. The fiber optic system allowed mapping of the strain along the length of the fiber with a spatial resolution near 1 mm, and the embedded fiber exhibited correlation with surface strains measured by digital image correlation. Finite element modeling was carried out to rationalize and compare the measured strain profile’s character and magnitude. After discussing these results, a future outlook on the technology and its applications is described.



The authors would like to acknowledge financial support from NASA’s SBIR Office, NNX16CL33C. The authors are grateful for the support of NASA’s Convergent Aeronautics Solutions (CAS) Program Digital Twin Project.


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  1. 1.Fabrisonic LLCColumbusUSA
  2. 2.Sheridan Solutions LLCSalineUSA
  3. 3.Luna InnovationsBlacksburgUSA
  4. 4.NASA Langley Research CenterHamptonUSA

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