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Behavior of Titanium During the Smelting of Vanadium Titanomagnetite Metallized Pellets in an Electric Furnace

  • Shuai Wang
  • Yufeng GuoEmail author
  • Tao Jiang
  • Feng ChenEmail author
  • Fuqiang Zheng
  • Lingzhi Yang
  • Minjun Tang
Electric Arc Smelting


The suppression of titanium oxide reduction enables both successful separation of iron from slag and smooth production operations for the smelting of vanadium titanomagnetite. This study investigates the distribution behavior of titanium between the hot metal and enriched titanium slag during the electric furnace smelting of vanadium titanomagnetite metallized pellets. Activity calculations indicate that the TiO2 activity decreases with increasing amounts of CaO and MgO, whereas the TiO2 activity increases with smelting temperature. Additionally, high temperature experiments demonstrate that the titanium distribution ratio between the molten iron and titanium slag decreases with increasing CaO content in the slag. With the presence of high CaO content, increasing MgO content does not have a significant influence on the titanium distribution ratio. The titanium distribution ratio decreases with an increase in slag optical basicity but increases with an increment of the smelting temperature.


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