Complex Analysis and Operator Theory

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Reducing Subspaces of Analytic Toeplitz Operators on the Bergman Space of the Annulus

  • Anjian XuEmail author


Let \(\mathbb {A}_{r}\) be the annulus \(\{z\mid \,|z|<r<1\}\) in the complex plane, \(L_{a}^{2}(\mathbb {A}_{r})\) be the Bergman space on \(\mathbb {A}_{r}\), B be a finite Blaschke product \(B(z)=e^{i\theta }\prod \nolimits _{i=1}^{N}\frac{z-\alpha _{i}}{1-\overline{\alpha _{i}}z}\) with \(|\alpha _{i}|<r\) for \(1\le i\le N\). In this case, local inverses of B on \(\mathbb {A}_{r}\) consist of a cyclic group with order N. It is shown that there is an one-to-one correspondence between a minimal reducing subspace of the Toeplitz operator \(T_{B}\) on \(L_{a}^{2}(\mathbb {A}_{r})\) and a character of the cyclic group, reducing subspaces of Toeplitz operators are studied from an algebraic point of view and Douglas and Kim’s result is generalized.


Toeplitz operator Bergman space Blaschke product Annulus 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 47B35 46B32 Secondary 05A38 15A15 



Thanks for the referee’s important suggestions.


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  1. 1.College of Mathematics and StatisticsChongqing University of TechnologyChongqingChina

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