Operator Algebra Generated by an Element from the Module \(\mathcal {B}(V_1,V_2)\)

  • Bogdan D. DjordjevićEmail author


Let \(B\in \mathcal {B}(V_1)\), \(A\in \mathcal {B}(V_2)\) and \(X\in \mathcal {B}(V_1,V_2)\) be given operators. In this paper the algebra \(\mathcal {A}_{AXB}\) generated by AXB is defined. Some results are obtained regarding invertibility in \(\mathcal {A}_{AXB}\). Special cases and extensions are discussed using algebraic representations. Applications to the operator equations \(AX=C\), \(XB=C\), \(AXB=C\), \(X-AXB=C\) and \(AX-XB=C\) are illustrated.


Operator algebras Operator modules Operator equations Topological function theory 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 46H25 47L15 Secondary 30G12 



The author would like to thank the reviewer for carefully reading the manuscript and for the constructive comments which helped improve quality of the paper.


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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences and MathematicsUniversity of NišNišRepublic of Serbia

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