Wick Ordering Associated with the (pq)-Gaussian White Noise Process

  • Anis RiahiEmail author


In this paper the quantum decomposition associated with the noncommutative analog of Gaussian white noise processes for the relation of the Chakrabarti–Jagannathan deformed quantum oscillator algebra is investigated. The constructed decomposition with the (pq)-deformed commutation relations of the pointwise creation and annihilation operators is used to solve the problem of normal wick ordering for white noise operators on the (pq)-deformed Fock space.


Chakrabarti–Jagannathan deformed quantum oscillator algebra (p, q)-deformed Fock space Quantum decomposition Wick ordering White noise operators 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 99Z99 Secondary 00A00 



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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics, Nabeul Preparatory Institute for Engineering StudiesCarthage UniversityNabeulTunisia

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