Two Classes of Integral Operators over the Siegel Upper Half-Space



We determine exactly when two classes of integral operators are bounded on weighted \(L^p\) spaces over the Siegel upper half-space.


Siegel upper half-space Bergman type operators Weighted \(L^p\) spaces Boundedness 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 32A35 47G10 Secondary 32A26 30E20 



We are grateful to an anonymous referee for several valuable suggestions and especially for pointing out a gap in the proof of Theorem 1 in the original version of this paper. We also wish to thank Professor H. Turgay Kaptanoglu for constructive comments and for bringing the paper by Ruhan Zhao to our attention.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of Mathematical SciencesUniversity of Science and Technology of ChinaHefeiPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.Wu Wen-Tsun Key Laboratory of Mathematics, USTCChinese Academy of SciencesHefeiPeople’s Republic of China
  3. 3.College of Mathematics and StatisticsShenzhen UniversityShenzhenPeople’s Republic of China
  4. 4.Department of MathematicsHuzhou UniversityHuzhouPeople’s Republic of China

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