On generalization of Darbo–Sadovskii type fixed point theorems for iterated mappings in Fréchet spaces

  • Leszek OlszowyEmail author
  • Szymon Dudek


In this paper, we give new Darbo–Sadovskii type fixed point theorems for iterated mappings in Fréchet spaces. Moreover, we solve two open questions proposed in Ariza-Ruiz and Garcia-Falset (Fixed Point Theory, 2018).


Darbo–Sadovskii type fixed point theorems Fréchet spaces measures of noncompactness reflexivity 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 47H10 Secondary 47H08 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Faculty of Mathematics and Applied PhysicsRzeszów University of TechnologyRzeszowPoland

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