Journal of Central South University

, Volume 26, Issue 6, pp 1387–1401 | Cite as

Preparation and application of perovskite-type oxides for electrocatalysis in oxygen/air electrodes

  • Shu-xin Zhuang (庄树新)Email author
  • Jia-yi He (何佳怡)
  • Wei-peng Zhang (张伟鹏)
  • Nan Zhou (周南)
  • Mi Lu (路密)
  • Ji-qiong Lian (廉冀琼)
  • Jing-jing Sun (孙婧婧)


Recent advances in the preparation and application of perovskite-type oxides as bifunctional electrocatalysts for oxygen reaction and oxygen evolution reaction in rechargeable metal-air batteries are presented in this review. Various fabrication methods of these oxides are introduced in detail, and their advantages and disadvantages are analyzed. Different preparation methods adopted have great influence on the morphologies and physicochemical properties of perovskite-type oxides. As a bifunctional electrocatalyst, perovskite-type oxides are widely used in rechargeable metal-air batteries. The relationship between the preparation methods and the performances of oxygen/air electrodes are summarized. This work is concentrated on the structural stability, the phase compositions, and catalytic performance of perovskite-type oxides in oxygen/air electrodes. The main problems existing in the practical application of perovskite-type oxides as bifunctional electrocatalysts are pointed out and possible research directions in the future are recommended.

Key words

perovskite-type oxides electrocatalyst preparation oxygen/air electrode 



本文综述了近期钙钛矿型氧化物在氧/空气电极中作为氧还原和氧析出双功能电催化剂的制备方 法。详细地介绍了各种制备方法并对其优缺点进行比较分析,发现不同的制备方法对钙钛矿型氧化物 的形貌和物理化学性能的影响很大。钙钛矿型氧化物作为双能电催化剂被广泛应用于金属-空气电池 中,归纳了其制备方法与电催化性能之间的关系。在氧/空气电极应用中,重点讨论了影响钙钛矿型氧 化物的结构稳定性、相组成和电催化活性的因素,指出了其作为双功能电催化剂在实际应用中存在的 主要问题,并对今后的研究方向进行预测。


钙钛矿型氧化物 电催化剂 制备方法 氧/空气电极 


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