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Physical simulation test of soil-rock mixture from synthetic transparent soil

  • Xiao-hua Ding (丁小华)
  • Wei Zhou (周伟)Email author
  • Xiang Lu (陆翔)
  • Yan Gao (高岩)


The waste dump of open-pit coal mine is remade of soil-rock mixture under the action of gravity, dynamic load of transportation equipment and earthquake, etc. By using artificial synthetic transparent soil, the developing process and migration law for soil-rock mixture are observed in the remade process. The mixture of fused quartz sand, liquid paraffin and n-tridecane is chosen as the material for synthetic transparent soil which is mixed with liquid paraffin and n-tridecane at a mass ratio of 4.4 at room temperature of 17℃. Physical and mechanical properties of transparent soil are determined by physical test and compared with those in natural sandy soil. The results show that transparent soil and sandy soil have high similarity, in other words, transparent soil can be used for similar simulation experiments of soil-rock mixture.

Key words

transparent soil waste dump soil-rock mixture physical test 



露天煤矿排土场是松散的土石混合体在重力、运输设备动荷载、地震等作用下重塑形成的。通 过人工合成透明土的新方法来观测重塑过程中土-石体的发展过程、运移规律。选择熔融石英砂和液 体石蜡与正十三烷的混合液作为合成透明土的材料,在室温17 ℃条件下,将液体石蜡与正十三烷按 质量比4.4 混合配置透明土。通过物理试验测定透明土的物理力学性质并与普通砂土进行比较,实验 结果表明透明土和砂土具有很高的相似性,说明透明土可用于土石混合体相似模拟实验研究。


透明土 排土场 土石混合体 物理试验 


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  1. 1.School of MinesChina University of Mining & TechnologyXuzhouChina
  2. 2.State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe MiningChina University of Mining & TechnologyXuzhouChina

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