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Backfill support’s backfill and operation properties and evaluation

  • Qiang Zhang (张强)
  • Chang-long Du (杜长龙)
  • Ji-xiong Zhang (张吉雄)Email author
  • Jia-qi Wang (王佳奇)
  • Meng Li (李猛)
  • Wen-yue Qi (齐文跃)


To ensure compacted backfilling, it is essential to ensure the reliability of the performance of a solid backfill support, key equipment for integrating backfilling and mining. To evaluate the backfilling performance of a backfill support, the concept of backfill and operation properties is proposed in this study. Moreover, it is elaborated in terms of five aspects, namely, structural property, supporting property, tamping property, mechanical response property, and geological adaptation property, which are specifically reflected by 14 indexes including the supporting intensity and vertical roof gap. Seven separate evaluation indexes are selected to build a backfill and operation properties based system for evaluating the design schemes of the backfill support via a multi-index comprehensive evaluation method; then, the evaluation method and process together with measures to control the backfill and operation properties are proposed. By using this system, 11 schemes for optimizing the ZC5200/14.5/3 backfill support at Zhaizhen Coal Mine are evaluated, and scheme #10 is found to show superior vertical roof gap and other backfill and operation properties, thus demonstrating the reasonability of the evaluation system. On this basis, the backfill support research framework of designing initial scheme, optimizing design scheme, selecting the best evaluation indexes, evaluating optimizing scheme, and evaluating operation properties is built; this should serve as an important reference for further studies on the roof controlling performance of a backfill support.

Key words

backfilling coal mining backfill and operation properties tamping force vertical roof gap horizontal roof gap evaluation method 



充填采煤液压支架是充填采煤技术实现充采一体化的核心设备,其性能的可靠性是实现致密充 填的关键。为评价充填采煤液压支架的充填性能,本文提出充填运转特性的概念,并从结构特性、支 护特性、夯实特性、力学响应特性及地质适应特性5 个方面阐述其内涵,具体通过支护强度、夯实空 顶距等14 个指标综合体现。选择其中7 个独立的评价指标,采用多指标综合评价方法,构建了基于 充填运转特性的充填采煤液压支架设计方案评价体系,给出了评价的方法与流程,以及充填运转特性 工程控制措施。运用该体系评价了翟镇矿ZC5200/14.5/30 型充填采煤液压支架的11 个优化方案,评 选出的10#最佳方案在夯实离顶距等充填运转特性指标上具有明显优势,验证了评价体系的合理性。 基于此构建了“初始方案设计、设计方案优化、评价指标优选、优化方案评价、运转特性控制”的充填 采煤液压支架研究框架,为深入研究充填采煤液压支架控顶性能提供借鉴。


充填采煤 充填与运转特性 夯实力 夯实空顶距 夯实离顶距 评价方法 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of Mechatronic EngineeringChina University of Mining and TechnologyXuzhouChina
  2. 2.State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources and Safe Mining, School of MinesChina University of Mining and TechnologyXuzhouChina

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