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Radiation pattern analyses of circular aperture antenna to generate radio orbital angular momentum

  • Cheng-long Lin (林成龙)Email author
  • Ming-tuan Lin (林铭团)
  • Pei-guo Liu (刘培国)
  • Xing Tang (唐星)


Circular aperture antenna recently has been regarded as a nature source to generate high power radio orbital angular momentum (OAM) in millimeter (mm) wave; however, the radiation pattern was not investigated. Theoretical derivation of radiation pattern of circular aperture OAM antenna is conducted to evaluate the performance. Extensive simulations verify the validity of the theoretical result. Furthermore, performance of such antenna excited by orthogonal TE and TM modes is compared, which shows the potential application for TEg1 mode to create pure OAM g–1 mode in a practical system, providing guidance for generation of twisted radio waves in mm-wave bands.

Key words

orbital angular momentum (OAM) twisted radio wave millimeter-wave circular aperture antenna radiation pattern TE mode TM mode 



圆形口径天线近来被认为是在毫米波频段产生具有高功率电磁轨道角动量的自然方式之一。但 是,目前的研究并没有给出该种天线的辐射特性分析。本文从理论角度推导了产生轨道角动量的圆形 口径天线的辐射特性,并通过仿真实验验证了理论结果的准确性。正交横电模(TE)和横磁模(TM) 激励的圆形口径天线的仿真实验表明, TEg1 可以产生纯净g–1 模态的轨道角动量,更适合在实际应 用中使用。本文对该类天线的分析有助于毫米波电磁波涡旋的产生的研究和分析。


轨道角动量 电磁波涡旋 毫米波 圆形口径天线 辐射特性 横电模 横磁模 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.College of Electronic ScienceNational University of Defense TechnologyChangshaChina
  2. 2.Army Agency Office of Nanjing ArmyNanjingChina

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