Characteristics of LiCoO2, LiMn2O4 and LiNi0.45Co0.1Mn0.45O2 as cathodes of lithium ion batteries

  • Guo Hua-jun Email author
  • Li Xin-hai 
  • Zhang Xin-ming 
  • Zeng Su-ming 
  • Wang Zhi-xing 
  • Peng Wen-jie 
Materials Science and Engineering


LiNi0.45Co0.10Mn0.45O2 was synthesized from Li2CO3 and a triple oxide of nickel, cobalt and manganese at 950 °C in air. The structures and characteristics of LiNi0.45Co0.10Mn0.45O2, LiCoO2 and LiMn2O4 were investigated by XRD, SEM and electrochemical measurements. The results show that LiNi0.45Co0.10Mn0.45O2 has a layered structure with hexagonal lattice. The commercial LiCoO2 has sphere-like appearance and smooth surfaces, while the LiMn2O4 and LiNi0.45Co0.10Mn0.45O2 consist of cornered and uneven particles. LiNi0.45Co0.10Mn0.45O2 has a large discharge capacity of 140.9 mA · h/g in practical lithium ion battery, which is 33.4% and 2.8% above that of LiMn2O4 and LiCoO2, respectively. LiCoO2 and LiMn2O4 have higher discharge voltage and better rate-capability than LiNi0.45Co0.10Mn0.45O2. All the three cathodes have excellent cycling performance with capacity retention of above 89.3% at the 250th cycle. Batteries with LiMn2O4 or LiNi0.45Co0.10Mn0.45O2 cathodes show better safety performance under abusive conditions than those with LiCoO2 cathodes.

Key words

lithium ion batteries cathode LiCoO2 LiMn2O4 LiNi0.45Co0.10Mn0.45O2 

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TM912. 9 


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  • Guo Hua-jun 
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    Email author
  • Li Xin-hai 
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  • Zhang Xin-ming 
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  • Zeng Su-ming 
    • 2
  • Wang Zhi-xing 
    • 1
  • Peng Wen-jie 
    • 1
  1. 1.School of Metallurgical Science and EngineeringCentral South UniversityChangshaChina
  2. 2.School of Materials Science and EngineeringCentral South UniversityChangshaChina

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