Forming regularity and relation between composition and property of B2O3-BaO-ZnO glass

  • Lu An-xian Email author
  • Li Xue 
  • Lin Na 


B2O3-BaO-ZnO glass was prepared by using conventional melt quenching technology. The forming regularity and the relationship between the composition and the property of B2O3- BaO - ZnO glass were investigated. The results show that the composition range for forming B2O3 - BaO -ZnO glass is very wide, but the content of B2O3 has a limit within mole fraction of 25%–75%. When the content of B2O3 is over the limit, the melt will be divided into two phases with different compositions and structures, whereas too low content of B2O3 will result in the crystallization of the melt during the cooling process. The thermal expansion coefficient, the transition temperature and the resistivity of the glass at room temperature are (5–10) × 10−6°C−1, 480–620 °C and (1.5–3.0)×1010 Θ · m, respectively.

Key words

B2O3-BaO-ZnO glass glass forming range thermal expansion coefficient transition temperature resistivity 

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