Rain removal system for dynamic scene in diminished reality

  • Damon Shing-Min LiuEmail author
  • Yi-Jhih Chen
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Visibility in the rain is poor. Here, we develop a rain removal system for dynamic scene in diminished reality. Our system provides a clear and comfortable view. We apply and extend chromatic prior and explore chromatic pair, dark tail removal and spatial chromatic prior. We design an optimized intuitive alignment to solve moving camera problem. We apply anti-flicker to completely remove drizzle and defocused rain. Benefit from parallel pixel-based chromatic prior, our system has high scalability and extensibility. Our experiments reference numerous videos from prior related works, involving realistic and diverse property of rain, motion of the scene and motion of the camera. The experimental results show a satisfactory rain removal quality, especially for drizzle and defocused rain.


Rain removal Diminished reality Augmented reality Drizzle removal Defocused rain removal Chromatic prior Dark tail removal Anti-flicker Homography 



This work of Professor Damon Shing-Min Liu was supported in part by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan under Grant Number NSC102-2221-E-194-048.

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Mr. Yi-Jhih Chen has no conflict of interest.

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