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The Joan Gero Book Award


Over the past 30 years, the World Archaeological Congress has grown and changed. Many of our values and commitments have seen some success in the world; gender equality, human rights, community collaboration, and ethical research design are all now fairly routine topics for the SAA, the EAA, the SAB and most all of our regionally based sister organizations. Many archaeologists, who once looked over their shoulder at the unwanted challenge of WAC values, have turned around and extended a hand.

But our job is not over. The controversies and injustices that gave us the congress are still with us and still fomenting evil in the world—sexism, racism, poverty, inequality and war all have deep roots nourished by ideas about heritage. Now is not the time to lose our critical edge or back away from our political clout.

As happens every 4 years, we celebrate the influx of new members into WAC through the staging of the congress; they are the vitality and the future of our organization and our...

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