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Rejoinder on: Deville and Särndal’s calibration: revisiting a 25-year-old successful optimization problem

  • Denis DevaudEmail author
  • Yves Tillé

We thank the discussants: Jean-François Beaumont and J.N.K Rao, Phillip S. Kott, Domingo Morales, Maria del Mar Rueda, Changbao Wu and Shixiao Zhang for their interest in our article. Their suggestions, criticisms and remarks provide very useful complements. They also report a list of interesting publications on calibration. Deville and Särndal’s article had a considerable impact on the theory and practice of survey sampling. In October 2019, Scopus mentions that the article has been cited 614 times. It is therefore very difficult to present an exhaustive survey of all the contributions made by the original article on calibration.

Response to Jean-François Beaumont and J.N.K. Rao

We would like to thank Jean-François Beaumont and J.N.K. Rao for their particularly thoughtful comments. We have probably failed to mention a large number of interesting publications on calibration. It is true that we should have quoted the article of Huang and Fuller (1978) who already raised a large number...



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