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Comments on: Deville and Särndal’s calibration: revisiting a 25 years old successful optimization problem

  • Domingo MoralesEmail author

This paper gives a very complete and comprehensive account of the literature on calibration of sampling weights. The paper proposes a formulation to the problem of calibration by focusing on issues related to optimization. The paper lists most of the pseudo-distances that have been proposed in the literature and discusses the existence of solutions including when limits are imposed on weights. The paper presents the general formulation of calibration estimators and the distance minimization approach. The theory of generalized calibration and the variance estimation problem are also treated. The paper concludes with some numerical experiments. The authors have made a nice contribution to the literature of survey sampling and inference in finite population that is far from being simple. They also have found the way of presenting results in a friendly and rigourously way.

The paper starts by motivating the construction of the calibration estimators. The original idea of calibration is to...



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