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Comments on: Data science, big data and statistics

  • Ruey S. TsayEmail author

I like to congratulate Professors Galeano and Pena for the stimulating and thought-provoking article on Data Science and Big Data. It is timely and insightful. There is no doubt that big data and machine learning will affect statistical science in many ways, ranging from teaching to reasoning to data analysis to research. We are lucky that we now have tremendous amount of data to analyze, moving statistical science a step closer to the real world. At the same time, we are humble that we know so little about what statistics can contribute in this ever-increasing information era. The authors selected seven areas to discuss where the availability of big and complex data has challenged the traditional statistical analysis and shaped recent statistical developments. While agreeing wholeheartedly with most of their arguments, I do see areas in which statistics can contribute more than what was stated in the paper. Statistics can also shape the way machine learners and big data scientists...

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62-07 62P20 62P25 



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