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Concomitant operation for pulmonary artery aneurysm and pulmonary valve regurgitation


A 48-year-old man with a pulmonary artery aneurysm was referred to our hospital. Enhanced computed tomography revealed an aneurysm extending from the main trunk to the bilateral pulmonary branch (maximum diameter 6.4 cm) of the artery. Echocardiography revealed moderate pulmonary valve (PV) regurgitation with right ventricle dilatation. Surgery was indicated because of the pulmonary aneurysm and dyspnea on exertion due to moderate PV regurgitation. Intra-operatively, two cusps were found to be normal in shape, whereas a third left-facing cusp was thick and resembled a small ridge. Therefore, we created one neo-cusp with autologous pericardium using a custom-made template and sutured it along a new, predetermined annulus. We then replaced the pulmonary aneurysm with a T-shaped artificial graft. Postoperative echocardiography showed satisfactory movement of the neo-cusp without pulmonary regurgitation and reduced right ventricular size.

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Supplementary file1 Video 1: Operative procedure (MPG 49204 kb)

Supplementary file2 Video 2: Postoperative echocardiogram. The arrow indicates the neo-cusp (MPG 15694 kb)

Supplementary file1 Video 1: Operative procedure (MPG 49204 kb)

Supplementary file2 Video 2: Postoperative echocardiogram. The arrow indicates the neo-cusp (MPG 15694 kb)

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  • Pulmonary aneurysm
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