Mediastinal staging: when and how?

  • Antonio D’AndrilliEmail author
  • Giulio Maurizi
  • Federico Venuta
  • Erino A. Rendina
Special Edition Diagnosis and Treatment for Early Stage Non-small Cell Lung Cancer


Mediastinal staging for lung cancer includes both the assessment of mediastinal lymph nodes status before treatment and the postoperative pathological staging obtained by lymph-node removal performed during surgery. In patients with early stage NSCLC, the aim is to exclude with the highest certainty and the lowest morbidity the presence of mediastinal node involvement. Before treatment, mediastinal staging is based on imaging techniques, endoscopic techniques, and surgical procedures. Final pathological staging is based on lymph-node removal performed with lung resection according with different modalities (sampling, systematic dissection, etc.) and various approaches (thoracotomy, VATS, robotic). Data and indications from literature evidences are reported and discussed.


Lung cancer Mediastinal lymph nodes Staging 


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A. D’Andrilli received lecture fee from Baxter. G. Maurizi, F. Venuta, and E.A. Rendina declare no conflict of interest.


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