Hypoplastic left heart syndrome with regressed ventriculocoronary fistulae after the Norwood operation

  • S. MatsuoEmail author
  • N. Masaki
  • M. Mizumoto
  • S. Sai
Case Report


Left ventriculocoronary artery fistulae can cause deterioration of postoperative outcomes in patients with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. We successfully performed the Norwood operation with right ventricle-pulmonary artery shunt without a cardiac arrest in an infant with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and large coronary artery fistulae. Temporary postoperative right ventricular dysfunction gradually improved, and left ventricular volume decreased by the time of bidirectional Glenn shunt procedure. Left ventriculocoronary artery fistulae regressed after the Norwood operation, illustrating that large coronary artery fistulae can regress over time following right ventricular decompression.


Left ventriculocoronary artery fistulae Norwood operation Bidirectional Glenn shunt procedure Right ventricular decompression 



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