Resection of left atrial appendage aneurysm and full maze procedure as curative management for stroke recurrence

  • Hiroyuki ItayaEmail author
  • Chikashi Aoki
  • Ryo Hatanaka
  • Ikuo Fukuda
Case Report


Left atrial appendage aneurysm (LAAA) is a rare congenital heart anomaly that frequently becomes apparent after middle age. We report a case of LAAA in a 63-year-old woman with stroke. After stabilization of ischemic cerebral stroke, the patient underwent left atrial appendectomy with full maze procedure and tricuspid annuloplasty under cardiac arrest with cardiopulmonary bypasss. She has been living a healthy life without anticoagulants postoperatively. Resection and the full-maze procedure is an efficacious and durable procedure for LAAA with chronic atrial fibrillation.


Left atrial appendage aneurysm Resection Full maze procedure Stroke 


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  2. 2.Department of SurgeryHirosaki Central HospitalAomoriJapan

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