A rare indication of robot-assisted uretero-ureterostomy: ovarian vein syndrome

  • Vignesh Manoharan
  • Kalpesh ParmarEmail author
  • Ravimohan S. Mavuduru
  • Tushit Rai
  • Shantanu Tyagi
Case Report


Ovarian vein syndrome is a rare cause of ureteral obstruction. Most of these cases occur during pregnancy likely from the gravid uterus causing ovarian vein dilatation and valvular incompetence. Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy also affect the muscular wall of ureter, causing decrease in tone and may facilitate compression as well. There is a predilection for right side and in thin females. The traditional treatment has been the ligation of ovarian vein and ureterolysis. We report a case of ovarian vein syndrome in a young female which was managed by robot-assisted laparoscopic ovarian vein ligation, resection of stenosed ureteric segment and end-to-end ureterostomy.


Ovarian vein syndrome Uretero-ureterostomy Robot assisted Pregnancy 




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