Role of ceria in several energy-related catalytic transformations

  • K. Dossumov
  • G. E. ErgazievaEmail author
  • B. T. Ermagambet
  • M. M. Telbayeva
  • M. M. Mambetova
  • L. K. Myltykbayeva
  • Zh. M. Kassenova


In this review, the focus is on the role of ceria in several reactions involving light hydrocarbons, namely total oxidation of methane, carbon monoxide hydrogenation and dehydration of ethanol to ethylene. These reactions were selected as they are relevant processes in energy chemistry, allowing obtaining valuable products.


Ceria Catalysis Methane oxidation CO hydrogenation Dehydration of ethanol 



This work was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Grant Nos. AP05132114 and BR05236359.


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