Investigation on extraction behavior and extraction mechanism of uranium(VI) with DGA derivative into organic system from aqueous solution

  • Lili Xiao
  • Peng RenEmail author
  • Yang Li
  • Rong Hua
  • Zhifen Wang
  • Zhanggao Le
  • Yanxia Geng
  • Tao Yu
Original Paper


The extraction behavior and mechanism of uranium(VI) from aqueous solution with the multidentate ligand N,N,N″′,N″′-tetraoctyl-N″,N″-ethidene diglycolamide (TOE-BisDGA) as extractant were investigated. The extraction percentages of uranium(VI) were found to increase with increasing aqueous nitric acid solution. The extraction process was deduced to proceed by neutral extraction mechanism or ion association extraction mechanism, and the TOE-BisDGA extractant formed a major 1:1 complex with uranium(VI) in xylene system. The possible molecular structure of extracted pieces were presumed to be [UO2(NO3)2(TOE-BisDGA)] or [UO2(TOE-BisDGA)](NO3)2 or [UO2(NO3)TOE-BisDGA)](NO3) by ESI–MS and extraction mechanism.


Bisdiglycolamide Extraction behavior Uranium(VI) Extraction mechanism Extracted pieces 



N,N,N″′,N″′-tetraoctyl-N″,N″-ethidene bisdiglycolamide




Plutonium uranium recovery by extraction









Financial support from National Natural Science Foundation of China (21761002, 21501025), Science and Technology Research Project of Jiangxi Provincial Education Development, China (GJJ170430), Doctoral Research Startup Fund Project of East China University of Technology (DHBK2017133), Jiangxi Provincal Key Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry Science and Instrument Development Fund (JSMS201607), IAEA coordinated research project(IAEA No. 21122) and Defense Foundation Project, China (JCKY2017401C005).


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  • Peng Ren
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  • Yang Li
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  • Rong Hua
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  • Zhifen Wang
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  • Zhanggao Le
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  • Yanxia Geng
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  • Tao Yu
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  1. 1.State Key Laboratory Breeding Base of Nuclear Resources and EnvironmentEast China University of TechnologyNanchangPeople’s Republic of China

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