Letter to the Editor Concerning: Kassir R, Lointier P, Breton C, Blanc P. Bariatric Surgery after Previous Antireflux Surgery Without Takedown of the Previous Fundoplication: a Prospective Study

  • Mehmet Ali YerdelEmail author
  • İsmail Çalıkoğlu
  • Görkem Özgen
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

We read the article “Bariatric surgery after previous antireflux surgery without takedown of the previous fundoplication: a prospective study.” with special interest [1] since we also published on the same subject very recently [2]. We congratulate the authors and would like to address a few points.

Unlike the authors’ work, all previous reports on gastric bypass in patients with previous anti-reflux surgery emphasized the absolute need to do “complete wrap unfolding” with the hypothesis that stapling over the fundoplication can create an obstructed/septated pouch. This hypothesis, ironically, resulted in many life-threatening complications as reviewed in our article [2]. The first Nissen-preserving bariatric procedures were reported by Watson et al. [3] and Smith et al. recently [4] and the 5 cases in Kassir et al.’s report [1] provide further evidence against the misplaced dogma to do “complete wrap unfolding” during any bariatric procedure. Reports on bariatric...


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