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Anatomical Relations Between the Esogastric Junction, the Diaphragm, the Pleura, and the Left Lung in Chronic Esogastro-bronchial and/or Esogastro-pleural Fistulas After Sleeve Gastrectomy

  • Matthieu BruzziEmail author
  • Leïla M’Harzi
  • Tigran Poghosyan
  • Salma El Batti
  • Franck Zinzindohoué
  • Jean-Marc Chevallier
  • Richard Douard
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Gastric fistula is a severe complication following sleeve gastrectomy (SG). Chronic gastric fistula can progress to complex anatomical situations, such as esogastro-bronchial and/or esogastro-pleural (EGBP) fistulas. We decided to analyze the anatomical characteristics of these EGBP fistulas after SG.


Our work consisted of an analysis of the clinical, endoscopic, and radiological data of patients treated for EGBP fistulas after SG at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital from May 2009 to November 2017.


A total of 11 patients were retrospectively included with available complete clinical, endoscopic, and radiological data. The origin of the fistula was mostly at the top of the staple line. The fistula’s termination was pleural in 5 patients (45%) and bronchial in 6 (55%). In bronchial fistulas, 2 were proximal and 4 were distal, with the left pulmonary posterolateral segment (S10) being reached in each case. The trans-diaphragmatic passage was through the left cupola in 9 out of 11 patients (82%). In 2 patients, the passage was trans-hiatal (18%). Interestingly, the 2 eso-bronchial fistulas had a trans-hiatal passage with a termination in the proximal bronchus, while the 4 gastro-bronchial fistulas had a trans-diaphragmatic passage with a termination in the distal bronchus. All pleural fistulas were gastric with a trans-diaphragmatic passage.


Esogastro-bronchial and gastro-pleural fistulas after SG originated mostly at the top of the staple line. Eso-bronchial fistulas had a trans-hiatal passage with a proximal bronchial termination, while gastro-bronchial fistulas had a trans-diaphragmatic passage with a distal bronchial termination.


Sleeve gastrectomy Gastro-bronchial fistula Gastro-pleural fistula Bariatric surgery 


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  3. 3.General and Digestive Surgery Unit, Georges PompidouAP-HP University HospitalParis Cedex 15France
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