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Biography: Tarek Mahdy

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Professor Tarek Mahdy, MD, PhD. Professor of Endocrine and Metabolic surgery, Mansoura Faculty of Medicine, Egypt

Tarek Mahdy is a Professor of Endocrine and Metabolic Surgery in Mansoura Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura, Egypt. He is also affiliated with Sharjah University, United Arab Emirates (UAE), as a Clinical Professor. In 2008, Professor Mahdy established the bariatric surgery program for the Emirate Ministry of Health (MOH). In doing so, he introduced bariatric surgery to many MOH hospitals. Professor Mahdy enjoys performing research in metabolic surgery and frequently writes on it and related topics. He had also been a coauthor on many articles and book chapters.

Professor Mahdy was raised in Mansoura, Egypt, and obtained his medical degree from the Mansoura Faculty of Medicine in 1987. During that time, he was awarded various honors. He started his surgical residency training at Mansoura University Hospital as an endocrine surgery resident in 1990. He then went on to obtain a Master of Surgery (MS) in General Surgery from Mansoura University. After completion of his residency training, Professor Mahdy began his surgical career when he joined the teaching faculty of the Mansoura Faculty of Medicine as an Assistant Lecturer in 1994. At Mansoura University Hospital, he developed a clinical treatment program for morbidly obese patients. In 1998, he earned a MD and PhD in general surgery from Mansoura University.

In 2009, Dr. Mahdy was promoted to the academic rank of Professor of Surgery at Mansoura Faculty of Medicine. Additionally, he was recently awarded a certificate of excellence from Mansoura Faculty of Medicine and from the Emirate MOH for his efforts to develop bariatric surgery in the Emirate MOH hospitals.

Prof. Mahdy is widely recognized within bariatric circles for his contributions to the understanding and development of bipartition operations. He has focused his research on the physiological mechanisms by which the different bariatric/metabolic operative procedures effect diabetes mellitus. Throughout his career, Professor Mahdy continues to support a change in the concept of metabolic surgery from diversion to bipartition techniques. He believes that the terms “restriction and diversion” are inaccurate and outdated and must be removed from the bariatric dictionary. Professor Mahdy is one of the first surgeons to support the concept that bipartition and functional restriction must take place instead of mechanical restriction and diversion. Furthermore, he supports the idea that the bipartition procedures are the future of metabolic surgery. In this regard, he developed the single anastomosis sleeve ileum bypass (SASI bypass) and has trained surgeons all around the world on how to properly perform this procedure.

Prof. Mahdy has been invited as a guest speaker and faculty member at many national and international conferences. In addition, he serves on a number of important committees of prestigious societies including IFSO, ESBM, IFSO MENAC, GSMBS, ISS/SIC, and ESMB. He regularly mentors and guides healthcare professionals from around the world on academic and research matters. He is an enthusiastic surgical trainer and a recognized mentor for SASI bypass. In addition, Professor Mahdy has set up multiple social media groups with thousands of members to facilitate the understanding and learning of SASI bypass operation among healthcare professionals working in the field of metabolic surgery.

On a personal note, Professor Mahdy has been married for 19 years to his wife, Dr. Lamia Essa, a Consultant Dermatologist. Together, they settled in Dubai, UAE, with their three children, Leina, age 18, who is starting to study Medicine at Mansoura Faculty of Medicine. Mohamed, age 17, who is going to finish his IGCSE this year, and Ahmed, 11 years old, is in the seventh grade. Professor Mahdy enjoys spending time with his family, playing soccer, listening to music, as well as reading about history, Egyptology, and psychology. He can be freely contacted at


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