Obesity Surgery

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International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and metabolic disorders. XIV World Congress

Palais des Congrès (Porte Maillot) – Paris, France August 26–29, 2009

Oral Communications

O-001 Upper Gastrointestinal Investigations Before Gastric Banding

Presenter: M. Bueter (Imperial College London, Hammersmith Hospital, London, United Kingdom)

Co-authors: M. Bueter1, H. Ashrafian1, A. Frankel2, F. Tam2, R. Unwin3, S. Bloom1

1Imperial College London, Hammersmith Hospital, Department of Investigative Medicine London United Kingdom; 2Imperial College London, Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial Kidney and Transplant Institute London United Kingdom

Background Long-term complications after laparoscopic gastric banding (LAGB) are frequent and lead to reoperations in a substantial number of patients. It is not known whether esophageal motility or the lower esophageal sphincter play a role in the development of complications. We compared the results of preoperative upper gastrointestinal (GI) testing and the outcome after LAGB.

Methods68 bariatric patients had esophageal manometry, endoscopy and pH monitoring. prior to LAGB. In 61 patients (90% follow-up) the...

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