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Small Bowel Obstruction Due to Air-Filled Intragastric Balloon

  • Zafer S. MatarEmail author
  • Abbas A. Mohamed
  • Muhammad Abukhater
  • Mobarak Hussien
  • Fawaz Emran
  • Nadeem A. Bhat
Case Report


Intragastric balloons have gained popularity in the management of morbid obesity. Although the procedure of insertion is easy and is generally accepted by patients, a few complications can occur. We report a case of small bowel obstruction caused by spontaneous deflation and forced passage of an air-filled intragastric balloon into the small bowel.


Intragastric balloon Morbid obesity 


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  • Abbas A. Mohamed
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  • Muhammad Abukhater
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  • Mobarak Hussien
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  • Fawaz Emran
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  • Nadeem A. Bhat
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