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Synchronous Intussusceptions Following Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: Case Report and Review of the Literature

  • Mark S. McAllister
  • Tammy Donoway
  • Tanachai A. LucktongEmail author
Case Report


Intussusception is an atypical cause of small bowel obstruction following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass and, as such, is not often considered in the differential diagnosis. In this setting, the pathophysiology appears to differ in that a pathologic lead point is rarely identified and the intussusceptum most often progresses retrograde into the proximal bowel. Involvement of the jejunojejunostomy is nearly universal in reported cases and, if untreated, can lead to devastating consequences. Despite this potential, the clinical presentation often lacks remarkable features yet timely surgical intervention is generally required. This phenomenon is being reported with greater frequency and altered motility in the Roux limb is the prevailing hypothesis regarding pathogenesis. Awareness of the potential for this process and prompt consultation with a bariatric surgeon are keys to optimal outcomes.


Intussusception Gastric bypass Small intestine Recurrence Anastomosis Roux-en-Y Obesity morbid Postoperative complications Jejunal diseases 


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  • Tammy Donoway
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  • Tanachai A. Lucktong
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