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Obesity Surgery was first published in March of 1991, the result of the vision and diligent efforts of the founding Co-Editors-in-Chief—Mervyn Deitel, M.D., of Canada, and George S.M. Cowan, Jr., M.D., of the USA. Their initial insight, followed by years of an all-absorbing dedication by Dr. Deitel, established Obesity Surgery as the official journal of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO), as well as a myriad of other bariatric surgery societies. Obesity Surgery was listed in Index Medicus in 1997, and in 2004 achieved an impact rating of 3.726, ranking the Journal 7th in comparison to 139 surgical journals.

We were privileged to be listed as Associate Editors for the inaugural edition of Obesity Surgery. With a due sense of responsibility, we now assume the office of Co-Editors-in-Chief. We pledge to the societies we represent, and to our readers, that Obesity Surgery will continue to grow and maintain its tradition while expanding its scope. Indicative of our aspiration to increase authorship and readership in the nations in which the Journal has strong representation, and to reach out to other areas of science and all countries worldwide, we have added a subtitle to the Journal’s name: The Journal of Metabolic Surgery and Allied Care. This addition emphasizes that bariatric surgery is metabolic surgery, and that we are deeply committed to the management and understanding of metabolic diseases by fostering the introduction of imaginative and novel concepts, by chronicling their laboratory and clinical investigation, and by documenting their entry into the clinical armamentarium. We are grateful to the publisher of Obesity Surgery, Springer, for sharing in and supporting this vision.

Our policy is to publish (in print and online) clinical and research reports that are solely selected on scientific merit. Sound controversial work will be published, at times with a commentary or an editorial. We invite submission of papers on emerging issues.

Certain of our specific goals are:
  • The introduction of supplements, starting with a celebratory issue. Obesity Surgery will reprint its most influential published papers, with a reflective comment by one of the original authors, followed by specialty issue topics, e.g., type 2 diabetes management by metabolic surgery. These supplements will be rigorously peer-reviewed.

  • A vibrant Letters-to-the-Editors section and guest editorials.

  • Journal-sponsored seminars and a website teaching source for emerging authors.

  • Encouragement of paper submissions on metabolic/bariatric surgery education; economic issues in this field; and government, industry, and other stake-holders’ perspectives.

  • Hypotheses publication preceding investigation.

The Editorial Board has been expanded, and will continue to be expanded, to include notable individuals in bariatics. Our Editorial Board and our reviewers will be chosen for their erudition, fairness, and dedication to peer review. They will be workers in the vineyard of metabolic/bariatric surgery, as well as its acknowledged leaders. They will represent areas of expertise from the various countries of the world, as befits a truly international journal.

In summary, the Journal is here to serve authors and to help individuals in metabolic/bariatric surgery become authors. The Journal is here to represent IFSO and our other official organizations. The Journal is here to promote the discipline of metabolic/bariatric surgery and allied health. Last but not least, the Journal is here to benefit and support the global public afflicted with metabolic/bariatric diseases.

We, the Co-Editors, thank you, the subscribers and readers of Obesity Surgery, for your past loyalty. We ask for your support, assistance, and guidance in future endeavors that represent the best interests of patients and the expanding field of metabolic surgery.

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