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The Impact of Selection Criteria of Obese Patients on Evaluation of Heart Rate Variability Following Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss

  • Vincenzo RussoEmail author
  • Gerardo Nigro
  • Annabella de Chiara
  • Anna Rago
  • Raffaele Calabrò
Letter to the Editor

In a recent issue of Obesity Surgery, we read with interest the report of Machado and colleagues [1] about the effect of gastric bypass on cardiac autonomic activity, including influence of gender and age. The study showed, in 6 months follow-up after the gastric by-pass, a statistically significant increase in heart rate variability (HRV) during 24-h Holter monitoring in a group of 71 obese patients (42 women); this increase was more evident in men.

HRV is a non-invasive electrocardiographic marker reflecting the activity of the sympathetic and vagal components of the autonomic nervous system on sinus node function. It expresses the total amount of variations of instantaneous HR [2, 3]. Thus, HRV analyzes the tonic baseline autonomic function. A predominance of sympathetic tone in cardiac activity induces tachycardia and reduced beat-to-beat variations, whereas parasympathetic nerve activity reduces heart rate and increases HRV [4]. Spectral analysis of HRV has been used to explore...


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  • Gerardo Nigro
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  • Annabella de Chiara
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  • Anna Rago
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  • Raffaele Calabrò
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  1. 1.Cardiology, Second University of NaplesMonaldi HospitalNaplesItaly

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