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Lethal Intestinal Perforation After Foreign Body Ingestion in a Superobese Patient

  • José Ignacio Rodríguez-HermosaEmail author
  • Bartomeu Ruiz-Feliú
  • Josep Roig-García
  • Maite Albiol-Quer
  • Pere Planellas-Giné
  • Antoni Codina-Cazador
Case Report


Accidental ingestion of foreign bodies is common in the general population. Most foreign bodies pass through the entire digestive tract without incidents. However, in some cases, the ingested foreign body can cause complications such as acute abdomen due to intestinal perforation and even death. Bowel perforation may not be more common in the massively obese than in the normal-weight population but may be more problematic. We describe a super-obese female (body mass index, 52.3 kg/m2) who underwent emergency surgery for small-bowel perforation caused by an ingested foreign body (fish bone); the patient died despite segmental intestinal resection and intensive care.


Ingested foreign body Intestinal perforation Morbid obesity Superobese 


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  • Bartomeu Ruiz-Feliú
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  • Josep Roig-García
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  • Maite Albiol-Quer
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  • Pere Planellas-Giné
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  • Antoni Codina-Cazador
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  1. 1.Department of SurgeryUniversity Hospital Dr Josep TruetaGironaSpain
  2. 2.Bariatric Surgery Section, Department of SurgeryUniversity Hospital Dr Josep TruetaGironaSpain

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