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Effects of Axial and Multiaxial Variable Amplitude Loading Conditions on the Fatigue Life Assessment of Automotive Steering Knuckle

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In this paper, the author has attempted to investigate the effects of different loading conditions including axial and multiaxial variable amplitude loading (VAL) on the fatigue life assessment of automotive components under various maneuvers. To this end, a case study was conducted on the cast iron steering knuckle of a passenger car. In fact, the various VAL histories are entered on the three joints of knuckle, namely steering linkage, lower control arm, and MacPherson strut. However, previous studies have shown that this high super-critical component fails through the steering linkage. Moreover, the rotation of the steering linkage is the most destructive load. Hence, in this research, different loading cases such as axial (destructive load as means 1 channel), multiaxial (only relates to loading on the joint of knuckle and steering linkage means 3 channels), and full multiaxial (including all loading time histories means 9 channels) were considered. Afterward, finite element analysis was performed for each case, and fatigue life of the component was predicted under different conditions. Next, fatigue life of the component was evaluated using the time histories of stress tensor in the root of steering linkage which is extracted by transient dynamic analysis and applying probabilistic approach based on the Liu–Zenner equivalent stress criterion. Eventually, the responses from both techniques were compared in different cases. The results reveal that life predicted using two methods are slightly different. But, the results of probabilistic approach are more accurate than the results of FEM in comparison with experimental data for the axial state. Also, one of the major achievements of this study is that for the components with complex geometry and under multi-input loading like the steering knuckle, it is essential to perform fatigue analysis by considering all real conditions and cannot be only focused to the destructive loading.

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  • Fatigue analysis
  • Axial and multiaxial variable amplitude loading
  • Steering knuckle
  • Finite element method
  • Equivalent stress criterion
  • Probabilistic approach