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Study on the Effect of Failure Threshold Change Rate on Product Reliability Based on Performance Degradation

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Since it is difficult to obtain a large number of failure data in a short time, performance degradation analysis is a reliability analysis method which can effectively compensate for the lack of data. Linear degradation process is used to describe the performance degradation process of mechanical systems. Considering the extreme impact and operation impact of products, the threshold effect of performance degradation process on sudden failure is analyzed. Based on the performance degradation process of variable failure threshold and the impact process of variable failure threshold, a competitive failure reliability model with both sudden failure and performance degradation failure is established. The reliability model is analyzed with an example. The results show that the reliability of the product is overestimated if the invalidation threshold is fixed and the change of the invalidation threshold is neglected.

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  • Variable failure threshold
  • Performance degradation
  • Reliability
  • Competitive failure