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Failure Analysis of Blowpipe in Blast Furnaces: A Case Study

  • P. Falak
  • I. EbrahimzadehEmail author
  • M. Jamneshan
Technical Article---Peer-Reviewed


Blast furnaces are one of the most common and economical ways to produce pig iron and steel. One of the most important pieces of a blast furnace is the blowpipe which transmits preheated air to the blast furnace. In this investigation, a failure of a blowpipe was performed. XRD and EDS analyses were used for phase and elemental analyses. The fractography and microstructure of the samples were examined by optical and scanning electron microscopy. The results showed that chromium carbide segregation caused embrittlement and fracture at grain boundaries.


Blast furnaces Blowpipe Failure engine Case study Chromium carbide 



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  1. 1.Advanced Materials Research CenterIslamic Azad University, Najafabad BranchNajafabadIran
  2. 2.Isfahan Steel CompanyIsfahanIran

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