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A Case Study: Fluting Failure Analysis by Using Vibrations Analysis

  • Ali HematiEmail author
Case History---Peer-Reviewed


Ball bearings failure analysis using vibrations is widely researched. Bearings are main part of rotary machines that work for years if they work in a proper situation. Fluting occurs in a drive motor bearing and driven machine’s bearings because of current discharge from variable frequency drive motors to the bearings by transferring from the shaft and coupling to the bearings. In this research, spherical roller bearing is analyzed. Envelope and spectrum analysis is used to show what occurs when stray current flows to the gearbox bearings by passing through shaft and coupling. Fluting response in vibrations by using envelope and spectrum is shown. This paper shows how ball pass frequency inner race, ball pass frequency outer race with fundamental train frequencies side bands are excited in the natural frequencies area or high frequencies by stray current at the first time of running before bearing failed.


Ball pass frequency Fundamental frequency Stray currents Fluting Envelope acceleration Spectrum acceleration 



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  1. 1.Lorestan Petrochemical Company, KhorramabadIran

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