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Bruker Introduces Skyscan Benchtop 3D X-Ray Microscope with 3 µm Voxel Size

Bruker, Belgium, has introduced the Skyscan 1273 benchtop 3D x-ray microscope, which is based on micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) technology, enabling samples with a length of up to 500 mm, a diameter of up to 300 mm, and a maximum weight of 20 kg to be investigated with powerful and precise positioning stages. The combination of a higher-energy x-ray source running at higher power (130 kV, 39 W) and a large-format 6-megapixel flat-panel detector with ultimate sensitivity and speed provides excellent image quality in a few seconds. It produces 3D images of internal structures with high resolution based on a voxel size smaller than 3 µm.

Comprehensive software for straightforward data collection, advanced image analysis, and powerful visualization makes the Skyscan 1273 an easy-to-use 3D x-ray microscope. Micro-CT with helical scanning for distortion-free data acquisition and artifact-free reconstruction...


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