Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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Total Failure Management

  • Nausha AsrarEmail author


Failure analysis is a complex process applied in a reactive fashion to all types of products, parts, and equipment. The purpose of this paper is entirely positive, to prevent future failures. This concept of failure analysis is easy to understand intuitively. However, underneath that intuitive understanding are important conceptual principles, which are commonly either misunderstood or not considered at all. Total failure management (TFM) is the process of understanding the contributing causes and underlying mechanisms of failure and applying this knowledge proactively to manage harm from future failure threats. When leveraged through the framework of a failure management system, failure analysis improves the ability of investigators to identify effective remedial measures and increase confidence in failure prevention. Thus, a TFM process contributes directly to the real cost savings.


Failure analysis Root cause Prevention Reliability Failure mechanism 

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