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Thermally Sprayed Thin Copper Coatings by W-HVOF

  • Satish TailorEmail author
  • Ankur Modi
  • S. C. Modi
Peer Reviewed


Thermal spray technologies are widely employed to fabricate quality thick metallic and ceramic coatings for diverse applications. Today, all sectors of the industry demand better, faster and cheaper methods of production as it seems that manufacturing demands are ever increasing. However, if the coating thicknesses below 50 microns are demanded, as a result of economic or technological requirements, it constitutes a challenge for the established thermal spraying processes. So, in the present work, an attempt has been made to deposit a thin metallic coating below 40 microns by thermal spraying through wire feedstock materials rather using an expensive powder. For a broad spectrum of copper (Cu) applications, Cu is deposited on the low-carbon steel substrates using fast, easy and economical thermal spray process wire high-velocity oxy-fuel (W-HVOF): HIJET 9610®. As-sprayed coatings were analyzed using x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy for phase, residual stresses and microstructural analysis, respectively. Roughness of coating surface, adhesion strength and porosity were also measured. Results show that the coating deposited through W-HVOF exhibited acceptable properties and provided with a direct economic advantage and time-saving process over existing thin coating techniques.


electrical conductivity microstructure porosity pull-off adhesion test residual stresses thin thermal spray coating wire-HVOF 


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