Journal of Thermal Spray Technology

, Volume 27, Issue 7, pp 1041–1055 | Cite as

Study of the Synchronous Injection in a Controlled Pulsed Arc Plasma

  • Fabrice MavierEmail author
  • Fadi Zoubian
  • Louise Lemesre
  • Martine Lejeune
  • Marguerite Bienia
  • Vincent Rat
Peer Reviewed


In the field of plasma spray technologies, new processes are developing to obtain coatings with nanostructured architectures. Difficulties of understanding and controlling the process originate from the continuous injection of a liquid material and the power instabilities of the current torches which strongly affect the heat and momentum transfers to the nanometric particles. This paper reports an original method to make TiO2 coatings by suspension plasma spraying. A direct current (DC) power supply applying time-modulated current amplitude to a custom DC torch is used to generate at low power (1.5 kW) a pulsed laminar plasma jet with periodic oscillations of its properties. To make best use of this pulsed mode, a synchronization device was developed. It allows triggering from the arc voltage an inkjet nozzle to deliver at a precise moment a single droplet to improve the control of plasma/material interaction. An ink of TiO2 anatase solid particles is formulated to be compatible with a drop-on-demand printhead dispenser. In-flight diagnostic is made by optical emission spectroscopy and a fast shutter camera. TiO2 coatings are characterized by scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy. Results show that homogeneous TiO2 coatings of nanostructured cauliflowers shapes are obtained thanks to the controlled injection system. A competition between nucleation mechanism and liquid particles deposition are also observed. These deposits correspond to a mixture of anatase and rutile phases.



The Electric Arc Association (AAE) is thanked for financial support (0C2AA043Z). We thank Limoges University materials characterization platform CARMALIM for their assistance. We especially thank Dr Pierre Carles for TEM characterization and Heloise Hyvernaud for SEM characterization. Sébastien Faure, Nicolas Loris and Geoffroy Rivaud are thanked for technical assistance in the experimental setup. Dr Sandrine Lucas is thanked for the specific surface measurements.


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