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Effects of Trace Ce Addition on Hot Deformation Behavior of Cu-0.8 Mg Alloy

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Hot deformation tests of Cu-0.8 Mg and Cu-0.8 Mg-0.15 Ce alloys were carried out with a Gleeble-1500D thermal simulator in the temperature range of 500-850°C and the strain rate range of 0.001-10 s−1. Based on compression tests, flow stress–strain curves and processing maps of Cu-0.8 Mg and Cu-0.8 Mg-0.15 Ce alloys were plotted, and constitutive equations of the two alloys were constructed. The microstructure of the two alloys under different hot deformation conditions was observed and analyzed by optical microscopy. The trace addition of Ce restricted the movement of dislocations, promoted dynamic recrystallization, increased the flow stress and activation energy for hot deformation and enlarged the hot working region compared to the alloy without trace Ce addition.

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This work was supported by the National Natural Science Fund of China (U1704143) and the Science and Technology Open-Cooperate Fund of the Henan Province (182106000018). Prof. Zhou Xudong provided help with the experiments. The authors thank Vladislav Yakubov for proofreading the paper.

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  • constitutive model
  • Cu-0.8 Mg alloy
  • Cu-0.8 Mg-0.15 Ce alloy
  • hot deformation tests
  • processing maps