Process Optimization of Plane Strain Compression for 06Cr19Ni9NbN Steel Based on Processing Maps

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Hot compression tests of 06Cr19Ni9NbN steel were conducted at strain rates of 0.005-5 s−1 and temperatures of 900-1200 °C on a Gleeble 1500 thermo-mechanical simulation tester. Based on the true stress-true strain data, processing maps of the steel were established. The influences of the temperature and strain rate on the processing map were analyzed in detail. The optimal process parameters for hot compression were determined to be in the temperature and strain rate ranges of 1000-1200 °C and 0.005-0.1 s−1, respectively. Plane strain compression experiments were conducted using the recommended process parameters. A temperature of 1200 °C and reduction ratio of 38% are the recommended compression parameters, yielding a grain size of 74 µm. The mechanical properties of the material after compression were obtained by tensile tests at room temperature. The mechanical properties were optimal at 1200 °C and a reduction ratio of 38%. The elongation, area reduction, yield strength, and tensile strength were 63.69%, 76.12%, 281 MPa, and 703 MPa, respectively. The results of the plane strain compression experiments and tensile tests were consistent with the processing map results, indicating that the processing maps were accurate for optimizing the compression process parameters.

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The work was financially sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51275330), the Applied Basic Research Project in the Shanxi Province (201601D011002), Shanghai Dianji University, the Shanghai Research Center of Engineering Technology for Large Parts Thermal Manufacturing, the Project of Excellent Graduate Innovation in the Shanxi Province (2018BY102), and the Scientific Research Foundation of Taiyuan University of Science and Technology (20192061).

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Correspondence to Jiansheng Liu.

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  • hot processing map
  • mechanical property
  • microstructure evolution
  • plane strain compression