Correlating Effect of Temperature on Cyclic Plastic Deformation Behavior with Substructural Developments for Austenitic Stainless Steel

  • Rima DeyEmail author
  • Soumitra Tarafder
  • Himadri Bar
  • S. Sivaprasad


Low-cycle fatigue experiments have been carried out at elevated and sub-zero temperatures. Corresponding effect on cyclic plasticity characterizing parameters such as cyclic hardening/softening and Masing behavior is compared for different loading conditions. Disparities in the fatigue life as well as the cyclic plastic behavior have been attributed to the phase transformations that largely obstruct the dislocation motion. Further, the changes in strains in the materials matrix have been quantified through misorientation studies, wherein clear demarcation in strain distributions due to fatigue loading at different temperatures was obtained and further correlated with the substructural alterations observed through transmission electron microscopy.


dislocations EBSD fatigue martensite stainless steel 



The authors are grateful to Dr. Mainak Ghosh and Dr. Bhupesh Mahato for helping in carrying out the transmission electron microscopy studies.

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