Characteristics and Tribological Behaviors of TiAlN/Cr-Ni Composite Coatings at Elevated Temperatures

  • Li Jiahong
  • Kong DejunEmail author


A TiAlN/Cr-Ni composite coating was fabricated on H13 hot work mold steel using a cathode ion arc plating and laser cladding. The surface and cross-sectional morphologies, chemical compositions, phases and surface roughness of obtained coating were analyzed using a scanning electron microscope, energy disperse spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction and atomic force microscope, respectively, and the bonding strength was measured using a scratch test. The friction-wear properties of TiAlN/Cr-Ni coating at 400, 500 and 600 °C were investigated using a ball-on-disc wear test. The results show that the TiAlN coating is primarily composed of c-TiN and c-AlN hard phases, and the bonding strength of TiAlN coating with the Cr-Ni coating is 22.15 N. The average coefficients of friction of TiAlN/Cr-Ni coating at 400, 500 and 600 °C are 0.458, 0.318 and 0.449, respectively, and the corresponding wear rates are 0.329 × 10−3, 0.384 × 10−3 and 0.205 × 10−3 mm3 N−1 s−1, respectively, and the wear mechanism includes adhesive wear and oxidation wear.


cathode ion arc plating (CAIP) laser cladding (LC) TiAlN/Cr-Ni coating coefficient of friction (COF) wear mechanism wear rate 



Financial support for this research by the Key Research and Development Project of Jiangsu Province (BE2016052) is gratefully acknowledged.


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